BimmerFest 17′

Raceway park in Englishtown, NJ is home to many events but this July, BMW’s filled the park with the German trademark car ranging from 80’s classics to current 16′ models. We attended the Saturday event, a cool, cloudy, on and off drizzle day so the drag races were cancelled but the show continued. Vendors filled the lots with BMW gear and accessories and also stands where authorized BMW dealers were taking orders for parts. Enthusiasts also took initiative to sell parts with their own personal tables with used parts consisting of wheels, tail lights, springs, push button consoles and more. Newer cars outnumbered the classics at this event for a change with many enthusiasts embracing and modifying the current vehicles with carbon fiber engine components. Cars seemed to be one extreme or the other, being relatively stock or modded down to the bolt. Stanced BMW’s were scattered throughout the lot with impressive rolled quarter panels and ride heights. One in particular BMW was slammed to the floor with the rear wheels completely tucked. Overall BimmerFest 17′ was a great experience and we hope to return next year with hopes of better weather and a ever better BimmerFest to share. We hope you enjoyed ! Thanks for reading!

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