Park N’ Chill

I found out about this event the day of and decided this is the one I didn’t want to miss. I found the location and headed straight the car meet. It was late time wise, almost at the end of it but there were still more than enough cars to see. 

Driving down a hill to the parking lot you saw people standing by the entrance. For a moment I thought it was a charged event which during my rush I didn’t grab any cash on the way out. Luckily, the people standing there were most likely just getting shade from a tree nearby. The parking lot was huge with enough space for 100+ attendants . There were some cars left but I’m sure there were way more at the start of the event. There was vendors in the lot serving food and drinks. There was also a car wash setup where people were washing their vehicles. Music was playing filling the lot with excitement for the event. What was unique about this meet was it was mainly BMW’s in attendance. From old to new there were many cars from the 80’s up to the 2018-2020 models with custom paint and modifications. One thing all generations had in common was clean paint, interior, suspension and wheel setup. The older cars cleanliness and looks could almost be put up to compete with the newer versions at the meet.

No matter the differences, the older models looks couldn’t be ignored, with older 3’s, 5’s, 6’s and 7’s. Newer 5 series’ were in attendance with unique looks as well. Overall the event was a good turn out even after the late arrival. I hope your looking forward to the next Park N Chill!! Until then, enjoy the photos from the event!! Thanks for reading ! 

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