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BimmerFest 17′

Raceway park in Englishtown, NJ is home to many events but this July, BMW’s filled the park with the German trademark car ranging from 80’s classics to current 16′ models. Continue reading BimmerFest 17′

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Thursday Night TakeOver – Autostrade Glen Cove

Occurring on biweekly Thursdays in Glen Cove, NY is AutosTrade. Autostrade is a event that happens every summer bringing together a luxury/ exotic gathering of vehicles being displayed on a closed off section of the town. Where the street is closed off and traffic may not pass is where the show cars start, parked and filling up the School street section of Glen Cove. Continue reading Thursday Night TakeOver – Autostrade Glen Cove

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Barrel Poke x Fitment


Pokes on social media used to refer to a means of starting a conversation, now the only thing referring to this term is tight fitment. This yellow 350z (owned by @lolbagged350z on IG) is painted a stunning bright yellow with cambered, wide barrel wheels that have enough poke to squeeze something in between the tire and rim of the outer rear wheel, so the owner did!

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