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DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams Car Show

The previous years experience of DJ Envys Car show was filled with celebrity rides, stanced rides, old school classics and plenty of surprises. This year we expected nothing less. With nostalgia from the last show we knew this show had to succeed the last with better cars, more cars, celebrity appearances and you never know, maybe even a performance. Continue reading DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams Car Show

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BimmerFest 17′

Raceway park in Englishtown, NJ is home to many events but this July, BMW’s filled the park with the German trademark car ranging from 80’s classics to current 16′ models. Continue reading BimmerFest 17′

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Monday Night Take Over

Located at the penny saver amphitheater is one of the most anticipated events throughout the summer. Packed with varieties of automobiles from motorcycles to big rigs this meet appreciates with time. Throughout different times of the year the parking lot location is occupied with rides as a local fair, bringing families, couples and friends from all over to the event. From June to late August this same location is used for rides, but for rides that have engines, exhausts and travel on the road instead of operate in the air.

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The CCW Wheels

Years ago when I first embraced the automotive community with my 95 civic sedan I was introduced to CCW wheels (Complete custom wheels). At the time me and a few comrads only seen them on a red EJ Honda civic coupe from California on google or The glossy, big lipped, creative designed wheel sparked desire only to find out rumors that the wheels cost 5 grand. At the time we were the only three people I’ve ever heard of speaking of or mentioning the wheel amongst one another. Far out of our financial grasp and with the friendship/ or communication at a distance the current hottest thing we raved upon was now forgotten up until 2013.

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Krafted to Perfection

Aggression. This is no ordinary 3 series, this BMW (owned by @Nickraft on IG) is modified with wide body fender kits and aggressive wide wheels. The modified hood compliments the entire vehicle look giving the beautifully aggressive body a nice mean face making the front just as mesmerizing as the driver and passenger side.                                                                                                       -[Photo Cred: @Nickraft]