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Barrel Poke x Fitment


Pokes on social media used to refer to a means of starting a conversation, now the only thing referring to this term is tight fitment. This yellow 350z (owned by @lolbagged350z on IG) is painted a stunning bright yellow with cambered, wide barrel wheels that have enough poke to squeeze something in between the tire and rim of the outer rear wheel, so the owner did!

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Krafted to Perfection

Aggression. This is no ordinary 3 series, this BMW (owned by @Nickraft on IG) is modified with wide body fender kits and aggressive wide wheels. The modified hood compliments the entire vehicle look giving the beautifully aggressive body a nice mean face making the front just as mesmerizing as the driver and passenger side.                                                                                                       -[Photo Cred: @Nickraft]

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Long builds with long lasting inspirations.

Lowered, dialed In and re-sprayed, this auto was recreated to a owners (@LooneyLow on Instagram) satisfaction. Although out of the Honda game, this vehicles history is an inspiration to Honda enthusiasts all over the world. Who knew purple could be so aggressive and appealing to the eye?                -[Photo Cred: @Stanced Coalition on IG]