2016 Chrysler 200

The past few years have been great for the Chrysler 200. The 300 has been the popular model the passed few generations putting the Brand in a luxury class and increasing consumer attention. Styled as a large vehicle with leather seats, huge doors with small windows, a distinguishing front grille and front halo headlight options the Chrysler 300 has been one of the models that give Chrysler its own look and status. Recently the 200 has made its comeback with a better exterior/interior design which the interior seems it was built for comfort and space. With an adjustable cup holder setup, there are two compartments which can be used for storage in the center console that are pretty large with USB and aux ports for convenience.The center console also has a compartment/ space on the floor up front near the radio for even more items, papers etc.

The armrest we haven’t even mentioned yet and we already have numerous ways to organize but it also has a compartment inside as well as somewhere to rest your arm while on the go. Door panels with slim cargo inserts/ cup holder indentations have recently almost became a standard in all cars which the 200 does not oppose the option. (excuse the water spots, it was previously getting cleaned before the shoot) The instrument cluster has a interesting design, powered by LEDs the cluster comes with digital  fuel and climate gauges that show the level electronically.

The mph and rpm gauges carry the almost succeeded standard needle gauges on the left and right side of the digital instruments in the center of the cluster. Along with the cluster and the organization compartments mentioned earlier the interior is above average with cloth or leather options for the seats. Chryslers engineers did a great job designing the cars interior and made sure the exterior was just as impressive. With a casual appearance mixed with a little bit of sport the 200 blends the correct amount of chrome with sport body contour. Aggressive hood lines, a front grille and angled headlights come together to give the 200 a sport look on the front. The headlights are equipped with a daytime running led pipe light adding interest to the cars appeal. Not only does the 200 have these lights but so does the 300 in a different shape. The 200 also has a decent body size so comparing to the 300, although bigger in this generation of models the two Appear to have similarities instead of huge noticeable differences. The 200 has a standard blend of chrome trim which is around the windows and bottom grille with a chrome Chrysler emblem on the top grille. Another addition becoming more frequently seen is the chrome exhaust tips molded into rear bumpers which the 200 has as well , giving rear exteriors a nicer look. Lower control arms and subframe are installed in a bright silver and appear to be very large below, contributing to the sports look and rear attractiveness of the vehicle. The side view appearance offers many wheel choices which allow customers to pick from casual to sport. Size of the wheels range from 17 to 19 inch providing the 200 with its own recognizable look as well as the other exterior designs. The reliability doesn’t seem to hold up as well as the exterior/ interior blueprint. Within roughly 30-40,000 miles the air bag seems to have issues causing the check engine light to illuminate. Speeding of course is not an option with the air bag throwing error codes but without this light on and the need to test the limits, the acceleration seems to delay slightly  in the non sport model. Even with the few downsides the 200 has ,Chrysler designed a more than exceptional car for everyday transportation. There’s always room for boosts in horsepower with turbos and other modifications but the Chrysler 200 is an exceptional daily driver with a visual design that’ll keep you appealed and a spacious interior to keep you comfortable. The Horsepower isn’t weekend car powerful but it is satisfactory and Chrysler out did themselves with the Chrysler 200 as an overall project. I hope you’ll be on the look out along with Static-Origin for the next generation Chrysler 200 and awaiting the new review to enjoy! Thanks for reading !



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