2016 Dodge Ram

One of the biggest cars on the Road used by some for towing, owned by some for their love of pick up trucks the Dodge Ram incorporates many features that bring the pick up class excitement. The Dodge Ram seems to not have only met the requirements of a pick up but also taken on some attributes of a sports car. Accompanying the simple but aggressive front grille is a hood that comes with a hood scoop raise in the mid section or two air vents on the left and right side. Chrome accents are available for the Dodge Ram being beautifully spread across sections of the car with chrome wheels, door handles, bumpers and grilles. Also, along the sides are chrome badges that read RAM 5.7 Liter, pretty much the standard engine installed bringing similarity to all Dodge Ram variances. Powered by up to 396 horse power this 5.7 liter integrates a sport feeling that will give any enthusiast the need to floor the gas pedal, forcing their head to the seat. The interior comes cloth but very spacious with multiple cup holders and various compartments for paper work or clutter. The Dodge Ram successfully and flawlessly collaborate many features that leave consumers stunned and excited for the new calendar releases. I hope this year when you get into the Dodge Ram you notice the little things that make the Ram stand out and they make you get in. Thanks for reading !!

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