2022 BMW 5 Series Midsize Sedan G30

The 5 series BMW has been a mid size luxury vehicle in the BMW armory for years. Today, the 5 series BMW,  (G3X) is more along the lines of a big body 7 series sedan. The current length is 194.3 to 194.6 inches and width is 73.1 to 73.5 inches. You can still kind of model the 5 as being the mid size luxury of the BMW series with in mind that today’s cars in general are larger in size.

For reference the 7 series E38 is 196.3 in., putting the G3X 5 as roughly the same size as the executive sized predecessor. The new 7 series is 206.6 inches, giving you an even longer vehicle to drive though. The new 3 series G20 ( G2X) is 185.4 inches, in the same length base as the E39 at 188 to 189.2 inches. Previous 5 series models have also had an upgraded size, the E60 5 series from 2004 – 2010 with 190.7 in. and the F10 from 2011- 2017 with 192.9 inches. It’s safe to say they’ve been making the transition to make the 5 a larger car over the years. The E60 design was larger but a different silhouette all around from the 7 series comparisons you could make with the E38/ E39 as well as the F10 and F01 7 series. The grilles have also changed with a change from plastic brittle grilles to a harder plastic or metal grille.

The grill has also been enlarged from the previous sizing. The headlights and taillights both have laser lighting which is brighter than LED lighting and allows you to see a half mile up road in front of you compared to normal lighting which is 30% less. Overall, the new 5 series is looking like more elegant than ever with a new body and sizing,  body lines, updated grilles and HID/ LED lighting. Thanks for reading!


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