The 240 SX

Many generations of Nissan have been produced with sports car features or capability of being modified from the appearance to the performance.  The 240 SX produced in the 90’s is a two door coupe with a rear wheel drive design Double over head cam engine assembly.Many, like in the photo above are customized fitting 17′ to 18′ wide wheels creating an aggressive look for the vehicle. Coilovers or lowering springs suit the wide wheels with fitment, lowering a few inches from the stock height. Most 240 SX’s I’ve seen are flush, not “Frame bangin” or side skirt low but the stance keeps the eyes satisfied. Wrapped in low profile tires, designed to function with big diameter wheels , built to drift & interesting engine swap options including various swaps from Nissan Skylines, the 240 SX is a beautiful car in standard form and an excellent platform for a new project.

IMG_4425 IMG_4423IMG_4422IMG_4424 IMG_4429IMG_4428


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