92-2000 Civic’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s…. and Mazda’s??

For years, personally the familiar Mazda’s were the RX-7, RX-8, Mazda3, Mazda 5 and protégé. In 2013 I seen my first roadster Mazda NA Miata. This NA was slammed to the floor with wide wheels mounted, negative camber and a hard top for the coupe.After the first encounter, at home I searched the year, make, model and found out the limitations of the car, forums and owners that have previously stanced them. The NA Miata comes as a two seater convertible with no back seats. The convertible also has the roof options of either hard or soft with a favorable exterior design. Headlights are vintage flip up so when they aren’t being used they are seamlessly tucked away into the front end. The taillights are small and circular complimenting the rear end contours of the car. This small sports car also comes stock at a low ride height so when it comes to lowering, slamming is a topic with an unlimited range of success and a vast option of wheel sets due to the popularity of the 4×100 lug pattern. The Mazda Miata serves stock as an appealing, low, coupe convertible two seater and when stanced its all of the above and more.

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