About Us

Welcome to Static Origin. Static Origin was founded in the fall of 2015 to be a place where original automotive designs are taken beyond their limits and a home for enthusiasts with a loving obsession for modification. The start of modification for us was the Jdm lifestyle which still serves today as a leading style for car enthusiasts. Transforming American cars into the Japanese produced version of the vehicle, visually and mechanically. This new world of modification was great for a while providing options for customization. One sunny day, at a Jdm based car meet we found a new world of enthusiasts. Enthusiasts that had some Jdm mods but more custom work designed and more ideas were brought to the vehicles appearance opposed to only Jdm. This custom work we found to be instead of scarce in this industry, it was vastly explored in the stance lifestyle. Lowered cars, rolled fenders, 5 panel mirrors, titled offset wheels, custom exterior mirrors, custom head liners, seats and bozo exhausts. After this occasion we sought out stance and where these meets occurred discovering a community where all makes and models were in the garage being reconstructed and ideas were being formulated. The events brought enthusiasts from different car classes together with finally something in common, their love to mod and their fetish for stance. Stance to us is a lifestyle bringing enthusiasts together, bringing modification to outstanding new levels and modifying to personal satisfaction.