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New Hondas. Old Hondas. Untimely modifications. Some time ago I went with a friend of mine to the All Series Performance meet in Brentwood, NY at the shops location. We’ve went to these events once or twice but this is the first time I was able to catch footage first hand.

Although it was a small local meet, the turnout was decent with an acceptable amount of people and ofcourse CARS! Almost an only Honda event, i seen a few other non Honda vehicles show up. These cars were modded with AEM wheels, custom lugs or painted OEM wheels. To some this might not be much but i find it exciting to see what other makes of cars look like with customization. The Hondas : some lowered, some slammed, some stanced, some clean and some works in progress, were a vision to be captured. As the hours went by, we got to see many enthusiasts show up with their automobiles. The challenge with a lot of vehicles getting up the driveway to the parking lot was unplanned entertainment. Numerous cars attempted, some with success and some didn’t even suggest the journey and parked somewhere on the street. Altogether the event was a success and I look forward to attending another event throughout the upcoming New Year.

Here’s some photo’s of the All Series Performance Meet.

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Updated : June 9th 2022

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