Bagged SI-VIC

bagged si-vic

Although there is an unspoken disagreement between bagged and static owners one thing they can agree on is being slammed. Aired out completely whether while driving or hard parked the lowering capabilities of air bags could make any static owner smile.This Honda Civic SI hard parked is a vision to be captured. Isolated from other vehicles in the parking lot and eye grabbing with clean white paint, red wheels and a aired out stance screaming for a photo shoot. Aired out not only is the fitment perfect working along with the fender rolls and negative camber, the under carriage space is minimized interesting any stance enthusiast who loves to challenge the lower limits. Although there is a mutual rivalry between static and bagged owners the one thing they can agree on is the final destination and the stanced image they work to obtain.

bagged sivic

bagged sivic bagged sivic 4  6 7 Bagged Sivic Bagged Sivic Bagged Sivic


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