DJ Envy of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club has been throwing car shows for the past 2-3 years with each one getting better. Usually, the events are held in New Jersey but this year it was held in Atlanta, Georgia. He named it “Carchella” and with that name the excitement grew, it was more than just a car show, it was an event.

This year, not only was their cars for the adults to view but their were setups for kids to enjoy, double dutch and other games. The children in attendance could also get in cars and take pictures.

Guests were also taking pictures inside some cars.

When first entering, the cars you saw first were 6 series BMW Gran Coupes, each customized in its own way.

Custom vehicles for the kids and different colored luxury vehicles were also near the front entrance to the event as well as many other vehicles.

Some enthusiast owned cars were modified from sound to exterior with custom speaker setups, custom seats, lighting or paint jobs.

Low riders and west coast inspired vehicles were also on display in great condition being regular parked or hydraulic parked.

Sistas With Jeeps had their own section in the middle of the stadium with customized Jeeps.

Their were vendors selling t-shirts, water and many other products at the event. The entrance of the show had it’s own vehicles, the kids had their own placement for their activities and the jeeps had their own runway as well as other owners and groups. The Carchella event where the celebrity cars, DJ Envy’s personal cars and more were had their own area. We were greeted by a huge Carchella sign with a red carpet right below it. In one area of this section, the BBS boys and classic vehicles were parked in group.

Next to this line up was the LONG LIVE DMX memorial truck which lime green and blue suspension that read “Dirty Money”.

Celebrity cars and more were parked in the center with the cars of Lil Baby, Cardi B, Currency, Dwight Howard and more displaying their vehicles for the show.

(2 Chains Vehicles)

(Currency Cars)

(DJ Envy Porsche 918)

(Ludacris Acura Legend)

PCNY had a section with their cars lined up from classics to newer model vehicles.

DJ Envy had his vehicles at the show which include a Mercedes SLR, BMW 8 series, Mercedes G500 and more.

Overall the event was a great experience and we look forward to more of DJ Envy’s car shows. Check out DJ Envy’s or Static-Origin Instagram to find out when the next Carchella event is, we hope to see you there! Thanks for reading and more images below!

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