Cars N Coffee Part 1. : Uniondale, Long Island, NY

Cars and Coffee car meets are usually in the breakfast time. Most of the time when we’ve seen these events going on they’re for super cars but not this morning.

This mornings event was in Uniondale, Long Island in a large parking lot behind a storefront. As we pulled into the lot down the entrance lane to the Parking area you saw a few people standing near cars.

The further you went back into the lot, the larger the crowd and amount of cars became. The cars and spectators were to the left of the entrance lane with plenty of space to park around the central event. This cars and coffee was different.

There were BMW’s, Honda’s, Acura’s, Infiniti’s and more, basically a cars and coffee for “non super car” owners although some were in attendance. They also offered breakfast including complimentary bagels and bottles of water for the spectators. Overall it was a good event with a nice turnout of people in attendance as well as cars. Stay tuned for the next Cars and Coffee event and thanks for reading! More pictures below ! And Part 2 of Cars and Coffee will be on the next blog ! 


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