Cars N Coffee Part 2. : Deer Park, NY

During attendance at the first Cars n Coffee on Sunday we got a notification about another event going on closer to home. Being that we already were at the first one for long enough and would have to drive that way anyway we decided to attend the next Cars N Coffee event.

This time it was at a body shop that had multiple business parking lots next to it so it was more than enough space. Cars parked between three parking lots with different crowds and groups in each one. Drift cars and specialty cars were in the first body shop parking lot.

The second lot was where alot of the stanced cars were as well as a group of people doing car content like altogether videos, burnouts and pulls up and down the street.

The third lot had some nice cars but mainly was off to the side and consisted of additional parking.

For the most part, everyone stayed at this event for some time talking in the parking lot, having conversation, laughing. The only downside was it was a little cold outside as the winter is introducing intself. Overall, it was a good event and we can’t wait for another Cars N Coffee!! See you at breakfast !! Thanks for reading and enjoy the shots below!


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