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DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams Car Show

The previous years experience of DJ Envys Car show was filled with celebrity rides, stanced rides, old school classics and plenty of surprises. This year we expected nothing less. With nostalgia from the last show we knew this show had to succeed the last with better cars, more cars, celebrity appearances and you never know, maybe even a performance. Continue reading DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams Car Show

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BimmerFest 17′

Raceway park in Englishtown, NJ is home to many events but this July, BMW’s filled the park with the German trademark car ranging from 80’s classics to current 16′ models. Continue reading BimmerFest 17′

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Long Island Import Day 2017

Island import day is an event located on the east end of Long Island, the last exit on the L.I.E (Long island expressway). was an event with many surprises. The trip took about 45 minutes and not only is the travel a fun experience, you see race cars and builds along the trip the closer you get to the destination. The entrance fee was $10 to park inside the lot and $5 to park outside near the entrance. Upon entering there was a concession stand, a family selling beverages out of a cooler and the ice cream man selling cold treats to enthusiasts in the 90 degree weather. Continue reading Long Island Import Day 2017

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84-96 Ferrari Testarossa

Combing square and round body features the Ferrari TestaRossa is just as interesting as its name. With few complex exterior body angles, the testa rossa is simple but creatively altered to stand out amongst its super class and the classes below. Continue reading 84-96 Ferrari Testarossa

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Monday Night Take Over

Located at the penny saver amphitheater is one of the most anticipated events throughout the summer. Packed with varieties of automobiles from motorcycles to big rigs this meet appreciates with time. Throughout different times of the year the parking lot location is occupied with rides as a local fair, bringing families, couples and friends from all over to the event. From June to late August this same location is used for rides, but for rides that have engines, exhausts and travel on the road instead of operate in the air.

Continue reading Monday Night Take Over

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The Final Product

For years I’ve watched this red ej1 owned by my friend @jonezbelike go through many stages. From the stock one color body with its imperfections to an eye appealing, fully modified car. As most projects start this civic came with exterior disrepair although coming one color(some come with unmatched panels or black panels). The interior was pretty clean and the D15 non vtec was reliable. Continue reading The Final Product

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92-2000 Civic’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s…. and Mazda’s??

For years, personally the familiar Mazda’s were the RX-7, RX-8, Mazda3, Mazda 5 and protégé. In 2013 I seen my first roadster Mazda NA Miata. This NA was slammed to the floor with wide wheels mounted, negative camber and a hard top for the coupe. Continue reading 92-2000 Civic’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s…. and Mazda’s??

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All Series Performance Meet

New Hondas. Old Hondas. Untimely modifications. Some time ago I went with a friend of mine to the All Series Performance meet in Brentwood, NY at the shops location. We’ve went to these events once or twice but this is the first time I was able to catch footage first hand. Continue reading All Series Performance Meet