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A friend of mine invited me to an event which would be the beginning of many car shows for the season. Assumption was that it would be a regular meet in a random parking lot but we were in for a surprise. Upon arrival we saw the legendary Nissan Skyline, two of them, parked side by side.

There were standing outside of their vehicles and open garages in the industrial setting. The event was hosted by Cloud 9 Exotics of Farmingdale, NY, a Luxury car rental business providing the best of the best.


Not only were enthusiasts parking their vehicles in the parking lot with their modded vehicles on display, Cloud 9 had it’s own showroom with their vehicles parked and ready for spectating. 

Complimentary snacks were available as you entered the garage where the luxury vehicles were on showcase which was a nice touch. The vehicles were parked sideways around the garage with posters above each vehicle providing the spec’s of the vehicle as well as the MSRP.

The cars were roped off with green tape putting security between the cars and spectators which also gave an extra feel of luxury around the vehicles like they were placed on the red carpet.

The parking lot had a few super cars as well but the enthusiasts showed up with a variety of cars. Stanced vehicles, super cars, foreign cars and classics like the Nissan Skyline or Mitsubishi Evo!

The Cloud 9 Car Show was a great event and we look forward to future events this show season. The variety of vehicles on display by Cloud 9 was a nice touch. They had older cars as well as the newer versions, like the Lamborghini Gallardo they had on display, as well as the Huracan and Aventador.

They also had a Ferrari 458, a Porsche GT3RS and an Aston Martin.

Fast vehicles weren’t the only vehicles on display, other luxury vehicles were setup for showcase as well, including a Bentley, Lamborghini URUS and Mercedes G-wagon. Overall, the viewing of cars was superb from the rental vehicles on showcase to the enthusiast vehicles in the parking lot. We hope to attend more of these events and see what additions they’ve added to their fleet. Here is more images from the event and we hope you enjoy ! Thanks for reading!



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