DJ Envy’s Drive Your Dreams Car Show

The previous years experience of DJ Envys Car show was filled with celebrity rides, stanced rides, old school classics and plenty of surprises. This year we expected nothing less. With nostalgia from the last show we knew this show had to succeed the last with better cars, more cars, celebrity appearances and you never know, maybe even a performance.  Upon arrival to the MeadowLand Exposition center in New Jersey you see Power 105.1 flags outside as a greeting as well as indication of arrival. We anticipated a line which was outside before opening but once open the line moved pretty quickly to entrance to the main event. Entering we saw some show ready cars with customization bringing the vehicle appearance to a different tier. This year the celebrity rides amassed the amount from the last with different celebrities vehicles to also make an appearance. Offset, Currency and CC Sibathia are a few of the celebrities who dropped their rides off for a viewing at the showcase. Enthusiasts from all over  as well came to the show with amazing rides, lowered creative color schemes, artwork and all around display of creativity. Scroll down for coverage of this amazing event that occurs every September !

This Suzuki Samurai, with tan leather interior and a clean engine bay with a tablet accessory was a unique introduction to the show case. The silver wheels with black trimming accent the silver plate on the bumper and samurai badges very well. Updated with halo headlights, fog lights and shade coverings to give this samurai a more aggressive appeal this setup gives the feel of luxury and off road.

This white on blue Dodge Charger is very unique by not only the middle stripes and color code but the accent lights. Purple lighting from the headlights, fog lights , engine bay and even the wheel wells! Something we’ve been seeing more and more of. Acreative touch to lighting which is a twist to the normal neon lighting that usually glows from under carriages. (Mask in passenger seat)

Red on Red Honda Accord as low and clean as can be with a perfect stance. Enough tire tuck, negative camber in the rear, additional side skirt and front lips as well as red Honda badges. The wheel choice was decent for the size of the car and the metallic red compliments the paint very well.

This Minivan is one like we’ve never seen. Painted flat black, lowered on black polished wheels with a red lip, it’s a nice combo. The dark tints accent the paint and wheels for the “Black on Black” feel but the interior is hiding its own red interior! (If you look in the picture of the front you can see a red dashboard) The engine bay and stickers are also red balancing out the color combination. The mirrors, window rain guards, grill, lip and bumper plastics add contrast to the flat look, bringing a nice shine to the front and sides of the car.

Red Buick on chrome wheels with red lip. 

White Buggy on 26” Bronze wheels. Fully customed Spoon interior (headrests and steering wheel). Look at the lugs!

Swangin Cadillac’s/ Slabs with elbow wire wheels (swangas)

Celebrity Rides !! From Styles P, DJ Envy, Offset, 50 Cent and more !!

30 Minutes to an hour into the show this car made an appearance with people already in the building. Driving in for its miraculous appearance in the wrapped Green/Red silhouette.

50 Cent’s Rose Gold Rolls Royce with matching wheel trim. The Gold Rolls is his as well along with his royal blue aventador wrapped in gold Versace print!

Currency’s Low rider, he was popping the switches while in the center of the expo where the celebrities and many more were gathered and roped off from general public.

Currency’s Rolls Royce with Gold wheels!

This DJ Envy’s Porsche Carrera GT. He had this custom painted for the show.

DJ Envy’s Mercedes G-Wagon

Michael Strahan’s Mercedes coupe!

Offsets black on black Dodge Challenger !

Pusha T’s Ferrari 488

2 CHAINS Trap House Display, Bringing decoration to the building!

The Paid In Full section of the show IMG_6609


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