Euronight Long Island bangerz

A friend invited me to an event Oceanside, NY. This was different than the other car meets I usually go to. Car meets are usually in the day time, most likely between 9 am and 12:00 pm as the start (cars and coffee kind of events). This event though started at 9pm at night.

I assume the sun was still supposed to be out but starting to set around 8:30-9 but tonight the sun was setting even earlier so it was dark when we got there. I arrived at around 10pm (yes I was very late) and was greeted by Nassau police department (lol). The event I’m assuming was held in a park parking lot in Nassau but when I arrived the police had the road blocked half way through the parking lot. I then turned around and contacted a friend that was there and he let me know the location changed. The new location was at Bellmore train station in long island.

Arriving at the station there were already train attendee vehicles in the lot but just enough spots available for the event to take place. After everyone was settled with parking and arriving, a few cars were playing music loudly, giving the meet a more energetic vibe. Stanced cars were in attendance as well as custom wrapped vehicles.

Some cars were parked in spots and other got creative where they parked in front of the lobby drop off area.

About two car lots were filled with cars, mainly where everyone gathered and talked while some attendees played music in the lot. Events at night are different but an enjoyable experience, there was enough lighting for you to see and music was good. Overall it was a great time and we hope you enjoyed the coverage! Thanks for reading and more images below!


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