Any fast and furious, drift or real life car enthusiast can appreciate the 9th volume of the Ken Block Gymkhana series. The industrial areas are where you usually find the street races in your local town but In this Industrial setting you find Ken Block, tire smoke and skid marks. If the setting isn’t enough to make you feel like it’s one of your race acquaintances recording themselves drifting through a barren wasteland, Ken has a removable steering wheel, a 600hp/660 lb-ft Ford Focus, a unique exterior with wheels and lots not forget extended shift knobs and the extended [Hoonigan] tagged emergency brake that street racers work hard to add to their vehicles. Accelerated by 600 hp and 660lb-ft this 2016 Ford Focus RS RX is no grocery commuter. Ken block never ceases to amaze with unique ford tuner builds that keep you and him on the side of your seats(he’s hopefully harnessed down tighter of course). With these sideways turns getting faster and closer to the edge the stunts also get more intense. In this installment Block includes a few suspenseful routes of the course, drifting in front of a train, doing donuts by the edge of a dock and under a vehicle hanging by a chain from a helicopter. As the Fast series does, these installments are getting better and better and it seems his driving is as well. The stunts get bigger and the driving gets better so if you haven’t checked out Gymkhana 9 make sure you do so after reading this and if you haven’t seen the previous 8, take a hour or two out of your day and enjoy the Block series! Thanks for reading!


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