Honda day 2016

Honda day is an event that happens in many cities and states across the U.S.. In New York the excitement is for the two annual occurrences, one at ATCO New Jersey in April and one at Englishtown, New Jersey in the fall. This Spring we attended Honda day in English town New Jersey at Raceway Park.  Normally, the Spring ATCO trip takes 3-3 1/2 hours with unbearable humidity and fatigued spectators. However this years Spring English town trip took around 2- 2 1/2 hours including the GPS re routing. This year the drivers were still sleep deprived but not only was the location different, the weather was opposite of the usual, with sweaters and jackets being worn throughout the showcase. Some spectators hesitated entry to stay warm, sitting in their cars with the climate control to the highest setting. Upon entry you see cars lining up to race down the drag strip for quarter mile times and concession stands for the frequent meals. Passed the helmets, loud exhausts and expensive snacks is huge parking lots for show and sound. The first lot is crowded with show parked cars and vendors where you could purchase items from stickers to engine swaps. Type R motors, k series transmissions, wheels for sale, bolt ons, exteriors mods, basically an outlet for car parts. Some rare cars were parked directly next to stands like the black NSX (add more) maybe to promote or direct attention to stand. Other cars were parked in rows along the lot with lowered stances, wide wheels and immaculate paint. Hoods were popped with engine swaps and wireless bays cleaned to a gloss appearance. Interiors were customized with DIY headliners, door fabric inserts and stock seats replaced due to bolt on seat compatability throughout the Honda/Acura generations. From old to new, Hondas and Acuras filled the lot from 90s generations up to present with not only modified cars, but modified trucks and SUVS. Lowering and enhancing speed in CRV’s is becoming popular in the JDM world with enthusiasts installing wide wheels, low pro tires and engine mods on the appearing family truck. Odysseys have been spotted in well known magazines with motor work, suspension, wheels and more as well. Here the notice is no different with not only exterior mods but audio additions. Custom door panels to fit more speakers, subwoofers, custom panels in the trunk and tweeters were installed in odysseys and more in the lot next to the show cars but instead of exterior this lot was focused on volume. Hundreds of cars filled the lot with the stereos to the loudest setting and bass to the max shaking the floor and ear drums. Stereo owners trying to out sound each other to verify which cars system is the best. Overall Honda day is a great event to attend whether spring or late summer with cars to shoot, systems to hear and stands to buy from. Each season we enjoy the sleepless nights, the late night or early morning travel and opportunity to view builds from various distances as well as watch the racing show case. Honda Day is an event we anticipate every year and we hope you will too no matter if your physically attending or visiting our site for the coverage at We hope you enjoy the post and photos.

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