How To Stance A Car

Lowering cars has always been a modification when it comes to automotive builds. It can either be for daily drivability, racing or simply for looks. Now there’s another reason, to stance. 

A lot of cars have this look nowadays where it’s lowered to the ground and the wheels are sideways, this is a stance. When the wheels are sideways they are tilted with negative camber giving the car an aggressive look.

This is achieved by getting adjustable rear camber arms that will allow you to adjust the arm to the camber you want.

There are also adjustable lower control arms for some vehicle models. Front suspension is a little more technical. The front wheels are tilted with adjustable upper control arms and if possible fabricated upper and lower control arms.

This custom modification will allow the arm to achieve negative camber if not more negative camber than was allowed before performing the action. Lowering the car to tuck wheel or rim is done with coilovers for the most part. To go the perfect amount of low to just touch the wheel with fender needs an accurate way to adjust, which coilovers fit for the occasion.

Wheel choices vary for options and likability. A lot of the time deep dish wheels are chosen for a stance type look to a car where the wheel has a wide lip away from the face of the wheel. Low profile tires are also pretty mandatory when trying to have an aggressive stance and the car as Low as possible.

Some cars have low profile tires where the lip protrudes a bit away from the tire  but this is a setup with a very wide wheel and a pretty small tire.

Overall owners choose which stance they would like and how small they want to run tires with their setup. We enjoy them all and am glad we can assist you in your automotive journey. Thanks for reading !! 

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