Long Island Bangerz – Tokyo Stance

Last nights event was last minute on our part because we got there late. We almost forgot it was going on until someone mentioned it and we headed right there! We looked on the hosts Instagram page and saw in stories that it was still going on.

On the drive we figured it might be over by the time we got there but accepted the risk being it was only 15 minutes away. Almost an hour and a half after the event had started and it looked like it just began. A good amount of cars in the parking lot as well as cars with music playing.

People walking around spectating all the vehicles on showcase and being that it’s dark earlier now, we get to see the neon under glow lights better!!

A few cars had these lights on show case, more than we expected, as well as Christmas lights! It is the holiday season so reindeer noses and ears on cars are more of the norm. One or two people had lights all over their car to mimic Christmas tree decoration.

This location was a decent scene with people waking around, talking, taking pictures and of course admiring the builds in the parking lot. Not too long into our attendance did the cops arrive clearing the lot! We got a decent amount of footage but with this setback everyone had to go to a new location. The second location was familiar and looked to be a good choice but the lot definitely wasn’t large enough for all the cars as well as many didn’t show up to this location. After a few minutes in the lot cars started pulling off and we thought it was over. After finding out the third option we decided to check it out before we decided to go home. The third location had PLENTY of parking space where cars started entering by the second. This one started to have a real crowd until it started raining!!

A lot of cars left during this moment and we were sure it was probably going to end but stayed a few to get some good shots of cars. Not only did the rain stop but created a drifting/ donut session where people showed off or practiced their skills! There were spaces in the lot where no cars were so they had enough room to maneuver! After one or two people did a drift, a lot followed after and this basically went on for the remainder of the event. We saw various cars do burnouts, drift and do donuts which displayed these attendees talents. After a while cars started to leave the lot until the last 15 or so cars were there. People still did donuts until the very end where everyone left and went home at around 11. Overall it was a great meet and we look forward to more events hosted by Long Island Bangerz! Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures below ! 

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