Long Island Import Day 2017

Island import day is an event located on the east end of Long Island, the last exit on the L.I.E (Long island expressway). was an event with many surprises. The trip took about 45 minutes and not only is the travel a fun experience, you see race cars and builds along the trip the closer you get to the destination. The entrance fee was $10 to park inside the lot and $5 to park outside near the entrance. Upon entering there was a concession stand, a family selling beverages out of a cooler and the ice cream man selling cold treats to enthusiasts in the 90 degree weather. To the right was a parking lot with cars parked in rows blasting music making the event more festive. After the lots pictures were covered, I assumed my job was done until I heard an announcement. A girl announced there would be a Limbo contest on the track opposite of the parking lot where I was in. At 2PM everyone headed over to the track to find more cars parked and in circular form instead of rows like the previous parking lot. In this area there were vendors, selling parts, accessories and many other products. In the center of it all was a limbo line formed for the contestants to enter and a clearance setup for the cars to compete. Miatas were given there own class due to the natural lowness and roof removal capabilities. Either way they were set to compete with the other cars for a while which was a decent competition. A few makes competed but the Mazda Miata was labeled the victor in this event. Overall Island Import Day was a blast and the next event is highly anticipated, for footage and fun! Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed!!

LOL someone made a cop car!!


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