Monday Night Take Over

Located at the penny saver amphitheater is one of the most anticipated events throughout the summer. Packed with varieties of automobiles from motorcycles to big rigs this meet appreciates with time. Throughout different times of the year the parking lot location is occupied with rides as a local fair, bringing families, couples and friends from all over to the event. From June to late August this same location is used for rides, but for rides that have engines, exhausts and travel on the road instead of operate in the air.

On the highway you see various makes on the same commute to the meet, revving and showing their horse power capabilities. The owners acknowledging one another and the cars freshly washed, the drivers can’t wait to arrive and the event to start. Crews parked next to one another, owners cruise the Parking lot lanes with music blasting and people walking as well. The entry is just exciting as the drive to the event. Once parked, the drive is over and the walking starts, taking trips around the lot. Food trucks, ice cream trucks and concession stands partially fill the lot for empty stomachs to fill up on. The parking lot filled to capacity includes various makes and models with the majority being the cars. From completed projects to works in progress builds occupy the lot from stance to the fastest turbo or fully built setup. The diversity in makes is endless with tuners, muscle cars, luxuries and exotics all in one lot. Jeeps parked on dirt hills in the back with lifted suspension and over sized tires. The original paint of the jeeps were smeared with off-road splattered dirt purposely representing an unclaimed standard that almost all off Roaders follow. Overall it’s always in favor to see a mixture of cars at events, allowing you to expect the unexpected. Monday nights through the summer are the most exciting with the penny saver amphitheater taking over the beginning of the work week with an event for all to be excited about. Weekends in the summer for many  are preparation days for Monday and a decrease in the dreadful anticipation of the work week. See you guys Monday night ! Thanks for reading !



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