Not your average ride height, Not your average tire TUCK!

stanced scion tc

There used to be measurement of how low you were. The visual of how much gap you had between the tire and fender opposed to stock ride height and if you tucked tire just a little you were officially low! Car enthusiasts used to and still do approve vehicles based on tire tuck and fender gap but now the heights are taken to new lows

adjusting and modifying until the sub frame contacts the ground. This Scion owned by (@Aaron_TC1 On IG) is an example of the new levels of lowering not only tucking tire but TUCKING A WIDE WHEEL while pursuing the floor with the sub frame. Lowering is not a simple task and neither is tucking a wheel with inches of lip wide enough to fit a cell phone. With modification this enthusiast has redesigned his TC’s look  maintaining the original and smooth structure of the body, while satisfying his goal of wide and slammed stance.                                                                     -[Photo Cred: @305illest On IG]

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