Stance Cars

Stancing vehicles is a mainly new concept to the car world, atleast from my experience. Stance is referred to as the ride height on a car based on the car having AEM suspension. Stance can be with wheel gap or without but mainly it is referred to when a car is slammed with fenders touching the wheel or minor gap provided.

Previously, when I first entered the car scene I was introduced by the world of Honda’s. There were other cars ofcourse that enthusiasts modified but mainly the go to car was a Honda or people wanted one. At this time, the goal was basically to restore the whole car to manufacturer / JDM Spec and have a show worthy car!

These were big goals when you have a 20 year old car and minimum income as a teenager but people pulled it off! Ofcourse there were the older guys on forums either showing their cars or adults telling their folklore of their old builds to further intrigue your imagination. Fast forward 10 years and we have the world of Stance. The Stance world is a completely different aspect when it comes to modifying and part purchasing. First thing I noticed was saving up for $4000 paint jobs was long forgotten with enthusiasts either removing the paint and rocking a rusted body, spraying the car themselves with spray paint (Rattle Can Jobs), or plastidipping the car!

The other thing I noticed was JDM mods weren’t the primary focus, so buying parts from Japan that were more expensive was out the door. Most of the cars I’ve seen over the years had many different creative modifications. People used outdoor siding as front lips (much cheaper and fits the cosmetic well).

Shift knobs were created using anything they could think of… beer taps, crystal bubble (Dildo knobs), dragon balls and more. The suspension was cheap springs, cut springs, anything to achieve the low you were looking for. Suspension parts were welded and fabricated as well as quarter panels when fitting wide wheels. Overall the Stance scene is more free when it comes to modifying your vehicle and brings in many different makes and models for a unbiased car experience.

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