Sunday Showdown – Heckscher State Park

Heckscher State Park has been mentioned a few times to me but never for automotive events. I seen a flyer for the event 30 minutes before it was going to take place and decided to get out of bed and go (It was at 10am).

The drive was long, it took about 30 minutes to get to the park and being that I was in a rush and it was my first time going there I ran into tolls!

Luckily when I got to the booth the attendant let me know I was able to use card. Driving into the park is a little confusing because it is structured like a beach, which in part, is. There are fields where each has it’s own parking lot. This inparticular event was at field 6, which, once I figured out how to navigate the park correctly I found pretty fast. Also, wherever you see the modded cars going is usually where you want to follow. Upon arrival to the event the parking lot was packed with vehicles.

Many enthusiasts showed up to this event with a variety of vehicles. Almost every row in the parking lot was taken up with vehicles, most of them stanced, some lowered but you can tell they were built for speed.

A few cars had air bag suspension where you can see them in the lot airing up to leave or airing down to park.

Stanced Infiniti’s to us at Static-Origin is farely new. We didn’t expect to see this many slammed/ lowered Infiniti’s at this event or in general but we’re glad its being done.

Generations of Infiniti from the G35 to the Q50 stanced and modified to the owners liking. Overall it was a good event and we look forward to going to more events at Heckscher State Park. More pics below, Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

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