The 2020 Toyota Supra

The new 2020 Toyota Supra arrived and it is back and better than ever. The updated design brings the Toyota Supra back after almost 20 years of not being in production.

The last Supra release was between 1993 to 2002. This car was been one of the Icon’s in the car industry for the passed 20 years so the excitement for this release is like no other. The excitement to get an all new Supra with an updated platform. The first time I saw this car, as many, was in Fast and Furious.

The late Paul Walker had an orange Supra with grey and green decals on the side. The MK Supras came in shades of red, black, blue, white and grey so the Orange supra mentioned was a custom job.

The new 2020 Supra comes in shades of Red, Blue, Black, White, Grey and Yellow. The length of the new 2020 is 172.5” long and the old design is 177.8” long. From released images you can tell the new version is shorter and a tad bulkier looking than the old version.

The old Supra had a clean rounded body style and lines while the new is still smooth because the box style has been superceded in general but the old rounded style has been updated as well.

The new designs of the cars now is usually wider and more aggressive. The width of the 2020 supra is 72.99” and the width of the Old design is 71.33”. The height of the 2020 is 50.91 compared to 49.8”. These increases give you more head room and give the car a bulkier appearance although it is a shorter car. Wheel sizes of most current vehicles have increased as well and the Supra is no different. The old wheel sizes came in 16 and 17” while the new stock sizes is 19”. The new horsepower is 335 compares to 190-220hp of the previous model which is a decent increase in difference. The torque is 365 lb-ft compared to 210-315 lb-ft. One difference between the two models is the deletion of back seats in the 2020 version giving the front passengers more leg room. They also changed the rear wing where the other sat high in the air and the new has a duckbill style wing on the trunk. The styling on the 2020 Supra is updated with the times, giving you nostalgia of the previous model yet hitting all the checks for a 2020 Supra car. We hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! More Images Below for scroll and comparison!

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