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Years ago when I first embraced the automotive community with my 95 civic sedan I was introduced to CCW wheels (Complete custom wheels). At the time me and a few comrads only seen them on a red EJ Honda civic coupe from California on google or The glossy, big lipped, creative designed wheel sparked desire only to find out rumors that the wheels cost 5 grand. At the time we were the only three people I’ve ever heard of speaking of or mentioning the wheel amongst one another. Far out of our financial grasp and with the friendship/ or communication at a distance the current hottest thing we raved upon was now forgotten up until 2013.

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My reintroduction to the CCW wheels was first at a local shopping mall on a NA Mazda Miata. This roadster was slammed to the floor, plastidipped, negative cambered in the rear, hard topped and stanced with the wide, polished, low pro wrapped LM5t’s. At the time I wasn’t very familiar with Stance nor the Mazda Miata but the interest in the car and the wheels caused constant research to familiarize and obsess. The research provided insight on the car, the car stock height and capabilities while also finding out the wide mesmorizing wheels were the CCW LM5T’s.

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Immediately following was the nostalgia of the CCW Classic’s friends and I used to converse about. I obsessed over the wheel visiting various sales sites for possible used sets, even searched for replica’s (yes i said it.. replica’s!). My search wasn’t very successful and the financial ideas for them weren’t in the “priority” list so I decided at present my desire would have to be put on hold. Either way the obsession was still present and the wheels would find it’s way to my search history and my photo album (hah). One summer day at a car meet I reconnected with one of the old friends mentioned above and got invited over for a barbeque at his relatives house. Before we began our journey to the destination we met at his home not very far from the place we were to commute to soon after. Hang’s occurred seldom and the current events had to be caught up on so of course there were things that would be surprises! In the beginning we got hired at the same job and met for the first time there. Also, we both just started driving and got Honda Civic’s for our first cars. I was grateful enough to get a pearle blue 95 sedan and he got his first 92-95 white EG hatchback. A few years we were back to back in the Honda game which obviously led to the findings of the CCW wheels. Although desired, more feasible wheels were bought and cars were traded and sold though out the years. Upgrades were made whether minor or major with both of us present for them until we got different jobs and lost touch over the years. With communication reestablished our meetup was scheduled and upon arrival I see a yellow BMW E46. This pearlescent BMW E46 was a interesting color code of yellow with red leather interior and the wheels……….. CCW classics poking out from the original fender width. Outside i’m waiting for my friend to come out when one of our other friends arrives with a smurf blue E46 with white Volk wheels. We both end up waiting and start chatting about his blue BMW only to find out they both have the E46 and this yellow E on CCW’s is owned by the guy we’re waiting for! The friend I got into the Honda game with and conversed with years ago about the CCW’s on the red EJ civic has them sitting on his car right in front of me! I guess dreams do come true if your consistent enough! After my friends arrival we conversed more about the car…. the wheels, the projects and more.

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CCW LJ4CCW LJ2CCW LJ CCW LJ3 The CCW wheels currently have been more commonly seen and installed on various cars including 92-00 Honda civic’s throughout the Stance lifestyle. Today, with more familiarity of the CCW’s polished faces, wide offset availability and appeal from enthusiasts with the brand sets installed, the CCWs remain one of my favorite wheels to see on a build.

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