The Final Product

For years I’ve watched this red ej1 owned by my friend @jonezbelike go through many stages. From the stock one color body with its imperfections to an eye appealing, fully modified car. As most projects start this civic came with exterior disrepair although coming one color(some come with unmatched panels or black panels). The interior was pretty clean and the D15 non vtec was reliable.Due to unforeseen circumstances we swapped the motor a few times developing mastery with the procedure eventually leading to an upgraded setup, the poor mans type R. The B18 LS trans and short block torqued to spec with a b16 vtec head. The exterior had minor damage to the front end and severe damage to the quarter panel including many small pelot holes and rust. The body was given TLC with the quarter panel repaired filling the holes, painting and straightening out the panel giving the quarter a brand new finish. The hood and fenders were replaced with brand new black substitutes. The fenders were sprayed at home with color code red and the hood was left black for some time until he got a artist/friend to tag the front with his name in purple, black and red complimenting the color theme of the car which was purple and red. Purple Tow hooks were mounted front and rear with matching control arms in the rear as well as a neochrome ASR bar. The ASR bar and control arms as many Hondas have, gave an appealing look letting other drivers know the car was modified from the rear besides the magna flow exhaust. Front end wise the mods were black housing headlights with hyper white HID’s, Amber corners and carbon fiber spoon style side view mirrors. From stock height to the ride height being adjustable by the famous orange K sport suspension the final setup was the black works adjustable coilovers. Slammed, swapped and exterior appealing, the wheels mounted were the popular 15×8 white diamond steelies mounted in low profile 165 45s. Also mounted were rear camber kits, cut for more negative degree, assisting with the diamond wheel fitment. Over the years this Civic coupe has seen many upgrades placing this build as one to remember for both the owner and those who’ve seen it up close and personal.The work put into this car speaks for itself and the appearance tells a story all enthusiasts love to listen to.


IMG_1426  IMG_0935 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1431 IMG_1433 qej      qej2 qej3IMG_2329 IMG_2330  IMG_2334 IMG_2335 IMG_2336 IMG_2337   IMG_2340

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