The New York International Auto Show 2016

As every year the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) maximized the show room areas with a wide range of vehicles from early history, vintage and film debuted vehicles all the way up to present, upcoming and futuristic concepts.The new models with enthusiasts entering and exiting the cars examining the details and specifications. The vintage, luxury sport and expensive vehicles were displayed on platforms secluded by rope for visual show case.


Unfortunately, sitting in these cars was prohibited restricting the emotion and experience from the feel behind these handful of cars. The presence stood as a memorable experience seeing these cars front and center opposed to magazine photos or web image. The details, design, popularity and prestige were more realistic seeing the craftsmanship in person viewing the big and the small specifications. Some of these roped off vehicles were professionals custom work and passion whether it was vinyl wrapping or Martino Auto Concepts artful vision on Italian super car exteriors.


The custom artwork and vendors wasn’t the only thing that stood out. Notice was taken to a lot of sports modified vehicles with aftermarket wheels, race seats and seat belt harnesses. Popular brands like Sparco, Bride and Recaro filled the front and rear frames although i’m sure there were other brands as well enhancing interior appearances.


Wheel selection wise many aftermarket manufacturers had their selections torqued down and tire shined for presentation giving the vehicles a sport look. Aside from the presentation on the sported vehicles, Volk and Rays wheels had their own section with wheel displays showing the different models from their collection.


Also, stanced vehicles were displayed with their wheels installed giving enthusiasts something to admire and an example of the appeal these brands are well known for. The stance lifestyle seemed to be the center of their presentation with probably a mixture of air bagged and static modified chassis. The displays were filled with stanced cars from luxury to sport cars giving the enthusiast a more specific feel of the wheel manufacturers appeal even in different vehicle classes.

384041During the event, we tried to visit every make and class of car we could trying to obtain the most experience and vibes from the different sections. The BMW section in particular was  very interesting in traveling to the destination. From a far you could see the BMW sign on the second level giving the crowd directions to where their display was.

81Upon arrival as I went towards the area I seen a glimpse of cherry red and vintage design. Once closer the image was clear, on the second level was a classic red M1 BMW displayed next to the manufacturers logo.

78On the first floor was standard luxury BMW’s, sports modified and the latest M series’ released that spectators were entering and exiting experiencing the feel of the luxury classed cars. 82

Upstairs was a secluded M1 series BMW freshly detailed only with no enter/exit availability serving as a surprise appearance at the show. From vintage vehicles to new models, custom artwork, stanced and hidden classics the New York International Auto Show provided a diverse showcase and an exciting experience not only for enthusiasts but for families, friends and couples to enjoy. Here are some more shots from the show!

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