New York International Auto Show 2015 and What to expect for 2022!

Although being aware of the events popularity my first time attending the NYC auto show was summer 2015. The enthusiasts I’ve known to attend previously spent their day spectating new, vintage, luxury and concept vehicles at the show. Returning home with cell phone photo albums full of pictures and sometimes souvenirs. With the destination, time and date set my girlfriend and I embraced our day off with a trip to the city. Manhattan, having a reputation for being busy had city go-ers and tourists as usual traveling in all directions. On the contrast, near the convention center all the traffic was directing towards the event; powering down any GPS’ and solving the question of direction. Arriving at the destination there were lines headed out the door and once inside the show began. The cars were detailed to perfection, frequently dusted off with the most immaculate appearance.


co7 side

The interiors were spotlessly constructed with cloth or leather interiors and the new car smell at its peak in the unused vehicles.

audi interior

The exteriors were designed with curvy, sharp body contours and waxed to reflection.


The mechanical specs were available by worded display with some vehicles engine bays accessible for the view and information.

g37r8 motor

Also, some creative vehicles were showcased, a Lamborghini and Ferrari making not just the design a work of art but the exterior finish as well.



With perfect vehicles on display and various models making their debut the New York International auto show was a great event. Here are some more photos from the show and thank for reading! Enjoy!

The New York International auto show is set to occur during April 7th – April 16th for 2023!


[ DIsclaimer: The two Exotic artwork photos are web searched images and are from @ArtofMac on Instagram because these specific shots weren’t able to be captured at the event. All other photos are Original from Static-Origin. ]

ol skoool 2ol sck al alfayelloalfayaudi sg37 reargreen mclarenorang mclormcl2Kon n Lamkoniglamb2 nsx rearnsx rear calnsx front calGTO1GTO4GTO5by 

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