The Perfect Stance

Stanced and flawlessly coated in red this G35 is what time and dedication look like in achieving the perfect stance. Lowered with the well-known D2 suspension this G35 is already slammed without maxing out the lowering capabilities and still has a few more coil spins to go. Collaborating with the D2’s for ride height are Nankang low profile tires poking the barrel of the offset wheels from the tires bead. The wheels mounted in these low pro’s are three piece Wedz Cranz assembled with wide barrels giving the car a staggering stance of 19×11 in the front and 19×13 in the rear.IMG_5827


These wide wheels are torqued down with gold lugs and the wheels are negative cambered all around with rear camber kits setting the fitment. The body was customized at a shop flaring and restructuring the quarter panels/ fenders after the wheels arrived for the tightest, most subtle appearing fitment.IMG_5899

Exhaust modification was done as well using creativity, distinguishing the appearance. The interesting mods to me are usually ones others don’t do or ones I’ve never seen before like the single exit exhaust modifying the stock dual exhaust system. In place of the second exhaust is a welded tow hook filling in the blank area where the second muffler used to be located.Edited 1

Sometimes it’s the small things like the custom Hide my plate bracket that slides in and out and folds up and down to show the plate on the street or tuck it away at shows in the AEM Kamuna G35 front bumper.


stanced g35


IMG_5885Last but not least, the interior seats the front passengers in two black Sparco seats with matching red Sparco harnesses and the rear seats stock wrapped in black Infiniti leather. This Infiniti is wide, slammed, clean and equipped with many small but impactful mods that give this project a clean eye popping appearance. Challenging width dimensions and lowering capabilites this G35 owner has achieved an admirable project with a flawless exterior, offset wheels and many other custom modifications working together to give this Infiniti The Perfect Stance.

stanced g35edited 3IMG_5843IMG_5844IMG_5882IMG_5892IMG_5896IMG_5813IMG_5810IMG_5873stanced g35IMG_5805stanced g35IMG_5909edited 10edited 5edited 6IMG_5870edited 7edited 8edited 9

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